Adovacy work

I've been an activist for a kinder, more just, and more equitable society since college. As a trans person with lived experience in disability, coming from a low-income family with a hispanic heritage, I understand how deeply intertwined all systems of oppression are, and how there is no true liberation for one until there is liberation for all.


The Trans Guide

This initiative was born out of a desire to see more trans stories told by the people who lived them. It's a huge undertaking to think deeply about your own gender, and it can often be helpful to learn from others' experiences. It is the goal of this project to make it easier for people of all ages questioning their gender to learn about themselves, find community, and access legal, medical, and social resources.

Tars Don't Discriminate

This nearly year-long fight for the nondiscrimination policy of my undergraduate institution was a successful example of grassroots organizing.

Packers for Pals

Packers for Pals is an initiative aimed at improving access to gender-affirming items for transmasculine folks via crocheted prosthetics.